We’re excited to announce that we’re now accepting label submissions from all music creators! At the moment, we’re accepting lo-fi, chill beats, chillhop beats and phonk (all sub genres), and plan to expand our genres in the future. We are also open to all release formats : single, beattape, EP, album

We provide artists with a 50/50 royalty share. However, for artists who frequently work with us, we’re open to negotiating better rates and will be in touch when they meet the necessary criteria.

If you own the copyright to your own illustration cover, you’re welcome to provide it. Alternatively, if you prefer, we will provide the illustration cover without charge you with “cover fees”. We don’t charge any “marketing services fees” to our artists either.

Finally, we work with distributors that use an auto split system, which means you’ll be paid directly by the distributors without worrying about royalties retention.

We can’t wait to hear your music and work together to bring it to a wider audience!