We are now opening label submissions to everyone. We are only accepting lofi, chill beats and chillhop beats for now (we will extend these genres in the future). We provide to artists a fair royalties share : artists 60% / 40% label. This rate share can be negociated for artists who frequently work with us : we will directly contact them when they hit the requirements for a better share rate.

If you want to provide your own illustration cover, you can if your own the copyright. If you don’t have an illustration cover, we will provide it ; for single releases we will provide a simple photography cover with only simple effects, for EP and album we will provide a more complex illustration made by our team or some handpicked illustrators. As music artist, you will not be charged for this.

There are no hidden fees too. We will not charge artists for “marketing services fees” or something else. We are also working with distributors which provide us royalties auto split, so artists are receiving their royalties automatically.


Do you want to provide your own illustration cover for this release?

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